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The electronic catalogue of the exchange-reserve fond (ERF)
The exchange-reserve fond is a structural subdivision of the fonds storage service of the National library of the Republic Kazakhstan which operates in accordance with the Regulation about the exchange-reserve fond.
The fond (77 thousand books) is universal in content, includes the documents in the Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages.
This is the literature in social sciences, linguistics, natural sciences, technology, medicine, art, history, fiction in duplicate copies.
The fond is designed for the additional acquisition purposes of other libraries of Kazakhstan, the countries of the CIS and the whole world< and also for equal exchange (editions absent in the NLRK) and for the sale to juridical and physical persons.
Thus, in 2008 the secondary school #114 of Almaty city received from the ERF of the NLRK 690 books, the Kazakh National Medical university after S.D.Asfendiyarov – 8 000 books.
            The search for the necessary literature can be carried out in alphabetical order and simultaneously in several fields.
            The selected descriptions are made into an application in the automated regime, in which all the fields are to be filled-in.


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